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Who We Are

Liberty Ark Steering Committee

Karin Bergener, M.S., J.D., PMP, is an attorney and business person from Northeast Ohio. She has worked as a therapist, mediator, arbitrator, lawyer, and now information technology contract manager. She raises chickens and ducks and owns a horse.

Randy Givens is an activist with a B.S. degree in Landscape Architecture and a M.A. degree in Sociology. He retired from the U.S. Army, as a Colonel, in 1994. He ran his own Landscape Architecture business for eight years. He raised grapefruit and served on the Board of an Irrigation District for almost nine years. Activist work included property rights issues, and helping protect agriculture from federal programs, and theft of precious irrigation water by Mexico. He now teaches U.S. Government, part-time, at a local college. His acreage, in Texas, hosts a horse, many dogs and cats, and a couple of cows.

Meritt Lamb was the editor of the eco•logic Powerhouse, a monthly magazine published by the Environmental Conservation Organization, now Freedom21, in which he served on their Board of Directors as Executive Vice President. As such, he was very involved in environmental and property rights issues. He ran his own landscape and irrigation business for six years. He resides in Florida with his wife Karen, two dogs and a spoiled cat.

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