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Citizen Action Tools

How to get OUT of NAIS

  • Did you register your property with NAIS before you knew what it really was and you've changed your mind?
  • Have you been registered without your permission?
  • To remove information on you and your property from the NAIS database, click here and follow the outlined steps.

New Flyer for distribution

  • The House Committee on Agriculture has included a section in the Farm Bill that pose a threat to our rights, and our food supply. The proposed language would link the National Animal ID System (NAIS) to Country of Origin Labeling (COOL). This is BAD for both farmers and consumers!
  • Flyer includes talking points, sample letter or email, and contact information for members of the House Committee on Agriculture
  • Spread the word - to print out the Flyer just download the pdf*

Proposed Model Legislation

  • This Model Legislation contains ideas that may be helpful in developing legislation for your state. The Draft, in progress since July 1, may expand as additional ideas are considered.

Public Service Announcement

  • Click this link to listen to this 30-second PSA. Right-click to save the link, or to copy the link to an email. You may wish to send this clip to every radio station in your area. Liberty Ark Coalition is a project of a not-for-profit 501(c)(4) organization, and should qualify for public service announcements.

NAIS Brochure

brochure front

This tri-fold brochure contains the important details of the NAIS story, including the "Top 10 myths."

  • This brochure is available for downloading. You can use this file to print as many copies you can distribute, or attach the file to send to your mail lists. This brochure should go in every feed store, pet shop, sale barn, coffee shop, hardware store, implement dealer, and everywhere else animal owners go. Help spread the word!

Logo for your website

  • liberty ark logo

  • Right-click on image, and "save-as" to your computer. Link it to


  • STOP the National Animal Identification System (NAIS)
    • This petition is sponsored by an alliance of people who have banded together against mandatory animal identification schemes. Download, print, and distribute the pdf* version of this petition
    • .

New NAIS Flyer

  • Spread the word about NAIS. There are still many people who have not heard of the National Animal Identification System.
    • Distribute flyers at your local meetings and clubs. You can also post these flyers on community bullentin boards of Co-ops, feed stores, etc.
    • To print out the NAIS Flyer just download the pdf

Talking Points - revised

  • Judith McGeary has expanded and updated her excellent indepth analysis of the Top 10 Myths About NAIS, which unravels the real truth behind the National Animal Identification System.
    • You can count on accurate and knowledgable information that you can bring to your discussions on NAIS.

    Contact Information for your Elected Officials

    • Tips before using this powerful tool
      • When you enter your zip code, contact information for your Senators and Representative will be displayed, along with a link to your state and local officials (above the photos). Under the photo of each official, you may choose "email" or the "info" link. The "email" link is an automatic email form into which you may enter your message, either directly, or "cut and paste." There are also other options.
      • The "info" link provides the official's direct email address, as well as information about his/her district office. These options are likely to be more effective than the form option described above.
      • Do NOT snail-mail a printed letter to Washington. Screening delays delivery for weeks. If you choose to send a printed letter, please send it to the district office. The district office does register and report every contact, and should not be overlooked.

    • Letters and phone calls
      • Letters and phone calls will be most effective if you follow a few basic principles. Your contact should be brief and to the point. Your opening sentence should identify the issue, with a bill number if appropriate, and state your position in support, or opposition.(longest)
      • Follow the opening sentence with two or three strong reasons that support your position. Ask your representative to support (or oppose) the issue. End your contact with your name and address. If your letter is longer than one page, it's too long and will not likely be read.

    • Here are some sample letters on NAIS. Please feel free to use them when writing to your legislators. Cut and paste the letters on your own letterhead, or mix and match the parts you think best expresses your concerns.
      • Sample letter #1 (shortest)
      • Sample letter #2 (longer)
      • Sample letter #3 (longest)

    Find Your Representative or Senator

    • Project Vote Smart -
      • Is a national library of factual information, that covers your candidates and elected officials in five basic categories: biographical information, issue positions, voting records, campaign finances and interest group ratings.

    Find a Law or Regulation

    • Findlaw -
      • Find laws that have been passed
      • Federal & State

    • -
      • Track current legislation by number or topic
      • Find prior bills introduced

    • The Library of Congress THOMAS -
      • The source for federal legislative information
      • Find bills, resolutions, and legislative histories from 1973 to the present.
      • Official government site

    • United States Code -
      • Federal laws that have been enacted
      • Official government site

    • Federal Register -
      • Regulations under Federal Laws (United States Code)
      • Official government site

    get acrobat reader    *To view a pdf, you'll need the latest version of Adobe Reader installed on your computer. If you don't have Adobe Reader installed or you aren't sure, click on the icon to download a free copy.


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