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Position Statement on the
National Animal Identification System

The Liberty Ark Coalition opposes any form, federal or state, of a government-mandated National Animal Identification System (NAIS). The Coalition believes that the best solution is an entirely private, market-driven program, in which government involvement is limited to protecting citizens from fraud and abuse by corporate activity in the market place.

The true driving force behind the NAIS is the financial interests of large producers, meat packers, trade associations, and technology companies. While every person and entity has a right to develop programs to enhance the profitability of their business, they do not have the right to use government coercion to achieve their goals. A market-driven program would provide all the potential benefits from the NAIS. Government has the power to compel participation; but that is not needed, and should not be allowed.

The NAIS will not improve animal health. Any animal health program must take into consideration the specific species of animal and the specific disease, including its cause, prevention, transmission, and treatment options. The NAIS will actually harm animal health and increase our vulnerability to bioterrorism by driving small producers out of business, creating black markets in animal ownership, and establishing technology systems that are vulnerable to tampering. Further, the NAIS would infringe upon the private property, and the affairs of individual citizens, without due process of law, in direct violation of our Constitutional rights.

Any animal tracking program should be sponsored by the private sector, as a truly market-driven program. No government sponsorship should be allowed. The only government regulations allowed should be to protect private individuals from fraud, abuse, coercion or punishment for not participating. The Coalition supports legislation to stop government sponsorship of the NAIS at both the state and federal levels.

Unfortunately, for the last four years, the government has been involved in developing, funding, and implementing the NAIS. To forestall further implementation by the federal and state governments, the current program must be limited immediately, and at a minimum, meet these guidelines:

  • IF there is to be an Animal Identification System, it should be a private, voluntary program which means there will be:
    • No direct penalties, such as fines or loss of licenses;
    • No indirect penalties, such as the inability to obtain services related to animal ownership;
    • No limitations on the owner's ability to participate in any form of animal-related business, commerce, or activity;
    • No government funding - participant funding only;
    • Full disclosure, and the right to withdraw from the program at any time.

The true solution is no government involvement, beyond that necessary to protect against abuses by private programs.

We hope that everyone who opposes the National Animal Identification System will join with us in developing an effective response that will ultimately prevail in Congress, and the State legislatures.


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