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How to get OUT of NAIS

Did you register your property with NAIS before you knew what it really was and you've changed your mind? Have you been registered without your permission? USDA has stated that people can request to be removed from the database. They have not made it easy - to our knowledge, only one couple has been removed to date. (Go here to see the confirmation letter to Carol and Calvin Whittaker).

If you want to be removed from the NAIS database, you need to be prepared to follow up and pressure both the state agency and the USDA to get your information out of the database! Please let us know if you send in a letter to them, and what happens.

To remove information on you and your property from the NAIS database, follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Find the contact information for your State Vet. Go to

Step 2: Write to your State Vet. You can use the sample letter below. The State Vet needs to authorize your request and then forward it to the USDA.

Step 3: Send a copy of your letter to your Congressperson and state legislators. Be sure that the "cc" to your officials is visible on your letter to the State Vet, as shown in the sample letter below. This is not required by the USDA, but will probably be helpful in creating political pressure so that they do not ignore your request.

Step 4: Two weeks after you write the State Vet, follow up with a phone call to him. Ask for a copy of the letter that he sent to the USDA. If a letter has not been sent yet, then call your state Representative or Senator and ask them to intervene on your behalf. Make sure you keep a personal record of every phone call you make, the number called, the person(s) you talk to, what you told them, what they told you, and the date and time of the call. Having an accurate record will help you in pressing your case.

Step 5: After the State Vet sends a letter to the USDA, wait one month. Then call the State Vet again to determine the status of your request. If the State Vet has not heard back from the USDA, call Wayne Molone at the USDA, . If the USDA has not acted on your request, ask your Congressperson to intervene. Always keep a record of your calls, as recommended in Step 4 above.

Step 6: Please send us copies of all of the letters and keep us posted on what is happening. It is critical that legislators from across the country are aware of people's efforts to get out of NAIS, and we can help spread the word!


Dear _________________

I, ____________________________ understand that my property is listed in the NAIS database as premise number(s) ________________________.

Please permanently remove my name, property, and any information related to me and/or my property from the NAIS database. I am requesting that the information be removed, not simply listed as inactive. This request covers both the state and federal databases.

Please send me a copy of your letter to the USDA authorizing the removal of my information, and send me written confirmation when the process is completed.



Name (Print)
Phone Number

Cc: State Representative _______________
State Senator _______________
Congressman _______________

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