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Fighting to Stop the National Animal Identification System (NAIS)

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Our Mission

We are a coalition working to stop the National Animal Identification System (NAIS), and equivalent state programs. Our coalition is made up of people with diverse backgrounds and political views. Why? Because we agree on one thing:

NAIS and similar programs must be stopped.

NAIS is a coordinated government-corporate attack on personal privacy, property rights, and religious freedom, on a resilient and diverse food supply, on good animal husbandry, and on human culture and American traditions.

  • NAIS will create a huge surveillance and monitoring system, that will be a dangerous and unprecedented intrusion by government, with the assistance of powerful technology corporations, into the private daily lives of citizens, and a heavy burden on their real and personal property rights. For some, this intrusion will go so far as to violate their religious beliefs.

  • The enormous economic costs and crushing recordkeeping requirements of NAIS, will make it impossible for small independent farmers and ranchers to survive, and will place control of our food supply firmly in the hands of a very few, very powerful, agri-industry multinational corporations.

  • NAIS, was designed by multinational corporations who have marketed to many countries that animal identification is necessary to sell those countries' meat on the world market. It is not needed to safeguard our food supply.

  • Under the guise of protecting animal health, NAIS will force farmers and ranchers to adopt practices contrary to the health of both animals and the land.

  • Finally, NAIS is an attack on culture - on the traditional agricultural and pastoral civilization, practiced for over ten thousand years since the founding of human societies, and the core of American culture: our farms, our land.

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