Objectives of the SEA and how does it work

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Search Engine Advertising or SEA is one of the two areas of action of SEM or search marketing, commonly known in Spain as search engine advertising or search engine advertising. It is common to find it also as Keyword-Advertising or simply PPC, from English Pay per Click, referring to the payment system used.

Search Engine Advertising strategies take care of the advertising that appears in search results and associated pages, opposed to SEO, which seeks web optimization through content strategies. In any case, within the search engine advertising include the sponsored links that appear above, below or next to the organic results, and not only in Google. Bing and Yahoo also offer this type of ads and in all cases is an important source of income for search engines, if not the largest.

How does the SEA work?

The search engine advertising system is very simple. Before publishing an advertisement in the most used search engines, keywords are defined that correspond to the search terms that Internet users use to reach this or similar pages that are relevant to the advertiser page. The elaborate set of keywords is used to create the advertising texts and, finally, the price that the company is willing to pay for each click made by the users is fixed. The ad is published in the bid exceeds the bids of the competition and Buy Real Instagram Followers.

Most of the work of an SEO specialist takes place before and after a campaign. Previously, in addition to setting the budgets and defining the scope of the campaign, it is convenient to optimize the landing pages where they will direct the paid links. Once the campaign is launched, it will be necessary to assess its performance and, if necessary, optimize the ads or bids. Before a campaign gets the desired result, several tests are often necessary to adapt the advertising text and limit the number of keywords.

Objectives of the SEO

Advertising in search engines allows advertisers to appear where the Internet user searches for information, a product or a service, so that the advertisement is not perceived as an imposition out of context, but responds to a prior motivation of the user, who It can be a question or an intention. The more similar the advertising text and the destination page to this search, the less uncomfortable it is perceived, until, due to its thematic relevance, this advertising modality is even accepted by the user.

For an advertiser the SEA is, for all this, a highly effective tool to gain traffic to your website, to position a brand (branding)) and get conversions. These are, in conclusion, the objectives that most companies pursue when launching a Search Engine Advertising campaign:

¬ Increase traffic to the web: the main objective of search engine advertising is to get qualified visits, and in this the SEA can be of great help, especially in the case of young pages, for which achieving an organic positioning can be a great long-term effort Paid advertising can be a quick means of securing a good place among the first results.

¬ Promote awareness of the brand: the Search Engine Advertising is a very effective method to raise the visibility of a brand in relation to its competitors, so the goal of an SEA campaign should be to occupy the keywords of the sector or service that is offered with ads.

¬ Generate conversions: the SEA is really profitable when sales or visits by potential customers increase, so-called leads. Google AdWords allows companies to accurately track the conversions generated by a specific ad, which is when an interested Internet user becomes a customer at the time they click on the ad.