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What are the Pros and Cons?

So, you are probably getting your home remodeled, or you are looking to buy a brand new cooktop and an oven for your kitchen. As you decide on the cooker to buy, you will find yourself surrounded by numerous options for the brand and model available in the market.

Moreover, you may be torn between choosing either a built-in cooker or a freestanding one. Confused on which one to get? Read along to learn more about the built in cooktops and ovens pros and cons, so you can make a smarter choice.

The Lowdown on Built-In Cooktops and Ovens

Built-In cookers are becoming more and more popular nowadays, particularly among homeowners who are concerned about having limited space in their kitchen. As for those who have spacious homes, they are leaning towards getting themselves these built-in cooktops that will match the motif or theme of their kitchen.

After all, don’t you wish you can snag the exact look of that dream kitchen you find on the cover of a magazine?  With these in mind, check out the following benefits that come with a built-in cooker, which may inspire to get one of your own.

1)  Achieve a uniform look for your cookers.

If you buy different types and brands of cooktops and ovens, you may end up getting varied designs and styles. Unfortunately, this will not work when your goal is to have a solid look in your kitchen, where your cookers have matching colors, finish and fittings. So, if you are meticulous about the overall appeal of your kitchen and give it a flawless look, then built-in cooktops should be the best way to go.

2)  Organize every item in the kitchen.

Another reason why built-in cooktops are ideal for your kitchen is the fact that you can organize this section of your home effectively. It is easy to make your kitchen look neat and just plain perfect when your cooktops match your wall features and decor. If you want a contemporary style, built-in stainless steel cooktops should blend seamlessly with your chic black or metallic white walls.

In case you want a country vibe in your kitchen, then it is best to stick to white-colored cooktops that are built right into the wall. This should look amazing with your white counter top and kitchen cabinets, as well as for natural wood or hardwood for your cabinet doors and shelves.

3)  Make large batches of meals for your family.

In most cases, built-in ovens have a larger capacity for cooking meals. Hence, if you have a large family, or you are hosting a dinner party, then you will find it convenient to prepare your dishes on this type of oven. It should be a breeze to serve great volumes of food and cook these simultaneously in this spacious cooking appliance.

4)  Get the most out of cookers with advanced technologies and features.

It is also worth noting that built-in cookers are recently developed, as compared to free-standing ones. Because of this, you can expect built-in cooktops and ovens to make it much easier and more convenient for you to prepare meals that come out perfectly all the time.

Some of these brilliant features include digital sensors, programmed settings and automatic controls. These also cut down the amount of time and energy spent during cooking.

Limitations to Consider

While it may seem that a built-in oven has numerous features, there are some areas to consider before you go ahead and decide on getting one for your home. Below are a few limitations that come with this type of kitchen appliance.

1)  Elaborate planning and installation.

Since you are not simply placing the cooktop or oven on your kitchen counter, you need to plan carefully and hire contractors who can install a built-in cooker for you. This can be a tedious task, particularly if your home has no provision for this type of cooker.

Thus, it is more recommended for new homes, unless you are up for a remodeling project. As for those who are aiming to switch from free-standing to built-in cookers, it is important to assess carefully the wall space where you will install the appliances. This way, you can prevent any void or empty areas left by your old cooker.

2)  Relocation can be a bit of a hassle.

If you are planning to move often, then a built-in cooker may turn out more of a hassle than a life-saver in your case. Relocating from one home to the next is not too easy with this type of cooker because the appliance is installed on your wall. So, think about this aspect before you make any decisions.

Final Word

There you have it – the pros and cons that come with getting a built-in cooker. Just be sure to study both the benefits and drawbacks of installing one in your kitchen to spare yourself from any regrets in the future.

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